CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Earlier this year, Hope Gas, Inc. doing business as Dominion Energy West Virginia, and Hope Gas Holdings, LLC filed a joint petition asking the West Virginia Public Service Commission for the approval of Hope Gas Holdings to acquire all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Hope Gas from Dominion Energy.

Hearth Stone Utilities is set to purchase Dominion Energy West Virginia for $690 million and rename the utility back to Hope Gas with backing from investments from Ullico. On Monday, the commission held a public comment hearing for the Hope Gas acquisition case at the Harrison County Courthouse. Hope Gas is the second largest natural gas utility company in the state, serving approximately 111,800 customers in the mountain state.

“The public hearings are really an essential part of this sales process. We want to hear from the public, understand their interests, and make sure we’re meeting these interests with this exciting transaction we have in front of us,” said James Eck, vice president, and Dominion Energy Ohio and West Virginia. “We are selling this business to Ullico, Ullico is actually an insurance and pension-backed entity.”

Officials with Dominion Energy West Virginia also added that Hearth Stone, which will be the operating company, will be putting its headquarters in the state creating 100 new jobs for West Virginians. Dominion Energy representatives stated that they are proud to see Hearth Stone grow the economy in the state. They also stated that all jobs of current employees in the state will remain.

“So, we are number one going to be focused on helping West Virginia grow and succeed. And we are literally on day one going to be bringing hundreds of jobs to the state. And our goal will be to support other businesses who will bring even more jobs to the state,” said Morgan O’Brien, CEO of Hearth Stone Utilities. “So, we want to be part of the success of West Virginia, and we feel like we are a good start to that process from our perspective. And then we want to partner with the folks down here to create something that can really help West Virginia grow,”

If you could not attend the hearings, you may still submit comments online or by mail.

Mail to:
Public Service Commission of West Virginia
201 Brooks Street, Charleston, WV 25301