CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – A group of United States Senators talked with veterans across the state about eliminating the VA AIR Commission.

Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito took part in a live discussion Wednesday morning at several facilities including VFW Post 573 in Clarksburg. The Zoom conference focused on important aspects of the reintroduced Elimination of the VA Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission Act.

The AIR Commission could severely reduce healthcare services to veterans in three out of the four VA facilities in West Virginia.

Veterans said they’re thankful for getting the chance to show their support and ask questions about Manchin’s Bipartisan Bill that will eliminate the VA AIR Commission. “We’re hoping he took back from what he heard from us. It sounds like he did and it sounds like we’re going to use this and hopefully stop the air act,” said John Aloi, VFW Post 573 Commander. “I think a lot of things go through and nobody thinks about it when it happens, and they don’t talk to the people that it’s going to affect. Luckily before this took effect, and the law became passed, we got to have some input and probably stop this.”

Aloi said this is the second time veterans were able to meet with Manchin and ask questions about their healthcare future.