CLARKSBURG, W.Va. -The West Virginia Division of Highways is gearing up for the winter season.  

District 4 of the WVDOH covers Monongalia, Marion, Taylor, Preston, Doddridge and Harrison Counties during snow removal and ice control season. Their approximately 129 snowplow trucks in District 4 that clear off the roads. 

West Virginia Department of Highways District 4

Drivers in many districts have recently finished their dry runs of their routes to get familiar with the roads. 

“We want to make sure that our trucks are well-maintained, greased, and that all the equipment is working properly,” said District 1 Maintenance Engineer Kathy Rushworth, P.E.

Running snowplow routes early also allows drivers to familiarize themselves with their routes and get used to driving the snowplows, which handle differently with plows on the front that they do during their summer job as dump trucks. 

District 1 has 215 drivers assigned to drive plows in the snow and ice. They’re the same men and women responsible for cutting grass, trimming trees, cutting ditches and doing other maintenance work during the spring, summer and fall. For DOH, taking care of the roadways is a year-round job. 

Officials with the DOH said there is more room for drivers across the state.  

WVDOH snow plow

“We’re always short people. We’re trying to get temporary employees now. Usually, every year we get temporary employees to help out with SRIC season,” said Aaron Stevens, Deputy District Engineer at District 4 WVDOH. “Our employees are always on call. They try their best. They’re out there all the time plowing snow when there’s a storm. Even on the holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have employees out, and they’re away from their families and it’s hard. I hope the public realizes that.” 

You can find the link to apply for a WVDOH job here.