FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The West Virginia Division of highways is moving forward with plans for ADA compliant ramps in Harrison and Marion Counties.  

“We have pre-construction meetings setup for the 3 projects and schedules will be set after that,” A WVDOH construction engineer said in a statement. “These are design build projects so there will be a time at the start of the project that will be design activities only and no visible work. That won’t mean the project has stalled, only that design and planning are taking place.”


The cost of the ramps is expected to be $1,299,159. 

The WVDOH finalized plans for 12 other projects including: 

  • A paving project on 29th Street Road in Huntington, that will cost $413,508.98. 
  • A paving project from Daniels to Grandview Road in Raleigh County, that will cost $606,871.60. 
  • An ADA ramp project on West Main Street in Grafton, that will cost $181,073. 
  • An ADA ramp project in Harrison and Marion counties, that will cost $1,299,159. 
  • A paving project on Georgetown Road in Lewis County, that will cost $515,099.72. 
  • A guardrail replacement project in District 6, that will cost $1,135,976.50. 
  • A guardrail replacement project in District 10, that will cost $1,388,267. 
  • A paving project on Cove Road in Hancock County, that will cost $912,989.55. 
  • A paving project from Peach Tree Orchard to Muddlety in Nicholas County, that will cost $1,037,394.90. 
  • A project to replace the Clifford Family Memorial Bridge in White Sulphur Springs, that will cost $5,645,000. 
  • A signage project on Interstate 77 in Mercer County, that will cost $3,049,660.05. 
  • A contract to replace the Ralston Branch Bridge No. 2 in Wyoming County, that will cost $1,938,902.