CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The waterline that runs from the Harrison County YMCA to the water pump has ruptured. The YMCA was notified by Clarksburg’s Water Board on Thursday, May 5, when they helped locate and mark the breakage.

This same line ruptured a couple of months ago, causing the hillside to slip. Recent heavy rain is now causing similar issues.

Fixing the breakage is under the responsibility of the YMCA. The water board and city officials such as Mayor, Jimmy Moreno, City Manager, Mark Kiddy, and Public Works Superintendent, John Workman, have been communicating on how to help in any and every way they can.

Waterline break spilling water near the Harrison County YMCA (Courtesy: John Olivito)

Jason Myers, the water board’s General Manager, said, “the line needs to be replaced from the pump to the YMCA.” He added that past breaks in this line have shown difficulty in repairing due to the steepness of the hill. The steepness causes problems in digging and using machinery, so the line must be hand-dug.

A contractor was seen working on patching the line on Monday, May 9. City officials are in the midst of contacting Hal Green, interim president and CEO of the YMCA, to figure out plans for restoring this line.

For updates on when the YMCA will reopen, check the Y’s Facebook page.