MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Due to the weather postponing and rescheduling games, the University Hawks, like other teams around the state, have had to play more consecutive games than they’re used to.

The Hawks don’t mind. They learn from each game they compete in.

“We’re learning from those mistakes and getting better in practices,” Autumn Stemple, senior pitcher said.

University also takes pride in practices they are able to have as they work on fine-tuning what didn’t go so well in that week’s games.

Stemple has been a walking highlight for the Hawks in the circle. She’s at 175 strikeouts as of Thursday morning with a 1.043 ERA.

Junior third baseman, Anna Argabrite, brings strength to the Hawks’ lineup. Argabrite has a .418 batting averafe, 23 singles, four doubles and nine RBIs on the season.

Both players said this far into the season, they’ve seen their team have good games and not-so good games and they know what they have to work on.

“I think we’re getting more timely hits, those are coming in. Everybody is getting more comfortable and throughout the season we’re all growing and getting better,” Stemple said.  

“We’ve learned. We’ve had a couple practices on learning to wait on the ball.Our struggle this year was to hit slow pitchers and we’ve been losing to some teams that we definitely could’ve beat,” Argabrite said.

The Hawks prepare for sectional play starting this upcoming week.