CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – When looking at the COVID updates from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources on Wednesday and Thursday, you might have noticed that the number of vaccinations has decreased substantially from earlier in the week.

On Tuesday, the DHHR reported that 1,083,165 first doses of the vaccine had been administered to West Virginians which is 60% of the state, and 930,239 people had been fully vaccinated. On Wednesday, those numbers dropped by almost 20,000, and on Thursday, they remain much lower than they were early in the week.

As of Nov. 18, the DHHR’s COVID dashboard reports that 1,063,158 West Virginians have received the first dose, which is only 59.3% compared to Tuesday’s 60. The number of fully vaccinated West Virginians also dropped to 912,460, a loss of almost 18,000.

This mysterious drop in cases could be caused by a correction in the DHHR’s vaccination count, but at this point, the DHHR has not released a reason for the change. 12 News has reached out to the DHHR several times on Wednesday and Thursday and has not received a response.

The number of West Virginians who have received COVID booster shots does not seem to be affected and sits at 53,425.

The full list of COVID-19 numbers for Thursday can be found here.