Gov. Justice continues to express frustration over ‘too many mistakes’ in coronavirus reporting


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Jim Justice said during his Monday coronavirus press briefing that he will not tolerate people who are “somewhat asleep at the switch” in relation to incorrect reporting figures.

“We’re gonna true this up, and the numbers today are not trued up completely. But, the numbers in the next couple of days will be totally trued up, and, and we’ll move forward,” Justice said.

He commended health departments for their work, while offering them assistance, should they need it.

“I want our local health departments to hear me and hear me really clearly. You’ve done one whale of a job. And, I am so proud of you, it’s unbelievable,” said Justice. “If you need additional help to see that timely, timely, these numbers are taken care of, I will absolutely partner with you from now til you-know-where freezes over.”

Justice also warned younger residents to be on guard against coronavirus, pointing out more recent concerns over their vulnerability.

“Before, we thought if you were under the age of 50, and you got this, no big problem. Well, that’s not the case. That’s not the case,” said Justice. “If you’re under the age of 50, and you get this, it can be a problem.

“In most situations, it’s not a problem. But, in situations now that are cropping up, people, some people, are getting really sick,” Justice continued. “And they’re, they’re struggling trying to identify the link of, you know, a perfectly healthy 40-year-old on one hand gets it, and it’s no problem at all, and a perfectly healthy 40-year-old on another hand gets it, and it becomes a life and death issue. And, they’re struggling with trying to figure out what the link is that is causing that to happen.”

Justice implored people to wear masks, in the hope that he will not have to mandate that residents do so.

“Please help me not have to mandate the wearing of masks. You know, I know that it will divide us some…but, I, I am absolutely continuing to, uh, be concerned and continuing to wonder if that is what it’s gonna take to get us to do better,” said Justice. “I would ask the people of West Virginia to please, again, help me with this.

“We’ll continue to study it, and, and, and consult with everybody, and it may very well be that that’s what comes to pass,” Justice added.

The state’s 93rd death, an 82-year-old man, is connected to a church outbreak in Greenbrier County. Justice took time to reiterate his advice to congregants during the pandemic.

“Use the guidelines that we put out there, to really, really try very, very hard to stay that social distance away. Every other pew if you’re in church, absolute mask if you’re in church,” said Justice. “And, take our heed that if you go out, and you’re going into a crowded situation, or you’re going into a building, for crying out loud, wear a mask.”

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