CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Jim Justice announced eight new coronavirus deaths since his last press briefing on Friday.

West Virginia now has recorded 2,696 deaths during the pandemic.

The daily positivity rate is 6.53%, and the cumulative percent positivity is 5.25%, according to the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. There are 6,955 current active cases, with 134,082 recoveries.

The state has administered first doses of coronavirus vaccines to 528 ,119 people, while 353,473 people are fully vaccinated, according to the DHHR.

The governor is encouraging younger residents to get vaccinated.

“Please, please, please younger folks, you gotta listen to me again. We gotta get vaccinated,” said Justice.

“We still, we still only have, really, 528,000 of a million, seven-hundred-and-some thousand. We still have less than a third of our total population. We got to move that up. So, younger folks, please listen to me.”

Justice also continues to implore people to wear masks.

“I know we don’t like to do this. I don’t like to do it, either. But, absolutely, it is saving lives, and it could save your life, as well. This will end. This mask, right here, will end. It will end for every last one of us, in, but the problem with the whole thing is just this: if we don’t wear these masks right now, somebody’s gonna die. May, very well, be you. But, additional people will die. We know it for sure. There is no question whatsoever, if we don’t wear these masks, more people are gonna die, and it may be you,” he said.

“To sit back and say, ‘that’s my right,’ well, it may be your right to walk off the cliff, but it’s not your right to, absolutely, pull somebody off the cliff with you.”

Also during Monday’s briefing, the governor spoke about the state income tax. A summit on the possible repeal of the state income tax was moved back from noon Monday until 4 p.m. Justice answered a question ahead of that meeting, and he reiterated his willingness to compromise.

“I am surely willing. In fact, I am absolutely wanting to be an open book and compromise in any and every way I can,” said Justice.