CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – In the United States, more than 3.5 million professional truckers are hauling products to deliver to keep supermarkets, gas stations and other locations stocked during this pandemic.

According to the American Trucking Association, the trucking industry hauls more than 10 billion tons of freight each year. Accounting for more than two-thirds of freight transported in the nation.

Although many restaurants and services have been shut down, a few truck stop locations in North Central West Virginia are still offering services to truckers such as showers, laundry and grab and go meals. Short-haul truck drivers explained that they have not seen a change in their delivery of goods.

“In some of the states were having trouble because the rest areas like this one are closed,” explained professional truck driver, Scott Lillis. We can’t get into them use the restrooms. And if they are open the restrooms are closed and were having to use porter-johns.”

Though they have noticed fewer cars in shopping plaza parking lots and on the highways, a California long-haul truck driver, Derrick Anderson stated he has been staying in his truck more than usual because of the Corona virus outbreak.

 “I usually like to go in the restaurants and grab a bite to eat,” said Anderson. “A lot of places have been closed. I barely see any restaurants open for me to go in and grab food now.”

Lillis has also been running into similar situations when trying to find something to eat.

 “I pulled into a McDonalds adjacent to a convenience store and of course the doors were shut only the drive-thru was available,” explained Lillis. I got the number for the store called in and order and the lady who took my order said just meet me at the front door and I’ll hand it to you. And she wouldn’t take any money for it.”

Rest areas along the interstates and truck stops have remained open, but are taking precautions to make sure they are sanitizing as much as possible.