CHARLESTON, W.Va. – During Wednesday’s virtual COVID-19 briefing, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice used his recent experience with COVID-19 to explain why state residents should get vaccinated and get booster shots.

“The first couple of days with this(COVID-19) were not very good, that’s just all there is to it,” Justice said. The governor’s symptoms included: a “blazing headache”, increased blood pressure and heart rate, a high temperature, a lot of congestion and a little bit of a cough, he said. Justice dealt with all of that despite being full vaccinated and boosted and taking precautions, he went on.

“I know, If I hadn’t been vaccinated, I’d have been in the hospital for sure and I’d have been in really tough shape. Stack the deck in your favor, West Virginia,” Justice encouraged. “The vaccines work, the vaccines are safe, the booster is really important,” the governor continued.

The governor and state health officials encouraged residents to order the free at-home COVID tests that are now available from the federal government. The also mentioned that N95 masks will soon be available from the federal government.

West Virginia National Guard officials reported that nearly 200 additional personnel are training at Camp Dawson, to help the state’s hospitals deal with the current surge. They will be ready by end of the month, officials said.

State officials announced that the “County Alert” map has returned to the state’s coronavirus dashboard after issues related to the CDC’s new quarantine guidance were ironed out. The map is based on a seven day average, officials explained. On Wednesday’s map, there was only one “green” county(Tucker) and one “yellow” county(Jackson).

The governor ended the briefing on a light-hearted note, describing how much “Babydog’ is enjoying playing in the snow.