Sundale Nursing Home holds Friday press conference on coronavirus at the facility


UPDATE (MAY 15, 2020 5:05 p.m.):

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Sundale Nursing Home offered an update Friday on operations there during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Carl Shrader provided the latest numbers at the facility: 59 cumulative cases, 14 current positive cases, 40 recoveries and five deaths. There has a been a 23% positive rate among patients and employees, Shrader said. 68% of positive cases have recovered, 24% remain positive, including 11% who continue to test positive at day 49, while 8% have died.

Every patient remains at the facility; no residents are currently hospitalized, according to Shrader.

Residents still have not been allowed to have visitors, a decision which went into effect on March 12, Shrader said. Sundale had considered allowing visitors to see residents starting Mother’s Day weekend, however, they could not.

“People were very excited to visit and, you know, the socially distancing was difficult for us to enforce,” Shrader said. “And when we were able to do that we had to tap the break on those visitations and kind of rethink how we do it.”

Shrader continued.

“It’s our goal to allow these folks to see their families and allow visitation to occur when we can accomplish it safely for the residents and our community,” he said.

Shrader said the nursing home has reintroduced physical therapy and occupational therapy services, along with speech therapy for residents. Hospice in-person services have also resumed.

Sundale is working to develop policies and procedures for taking new admissions, Shrader explained. He also said there has been discussion about starting to allow some small group sessions for meals at the facility. This would be limited to five people at most.

The nursing home is developing a permanent isolation unit, including rooms with negative pressure capability, said Shrader.

Further, he explained what steps are being taken to prevent coronavirus from affecting the building again.

“As we move toward reentry prevention—how do we keep it out of the building— we’re continuing to do our temperature monitoring at the door with our appropriate infection control questions for anyone entering. We’re enforcing appropriate PPE requirements to be maintained at all times,” said Shrader. “We are going to repeat our staff PCR testing, that’s the nasal test you may have heard about. That’s going to happen on Thursday of next week.

“That will be our two month mark,” Shrader continued. “So, they were screened at time zero. We did it at Ap—April 22, roughly, and then, we’re going to repeat that next week, and that’ll be the two month mark.”

Shrader said it has been a busy week at Sundale, as staff members have worked to collect various health samples.

“This week has been extremely busy for us, in terms of collecting samples, blood samples and nasopharyngeal samples, and coordinating our efforts to, to really see the status of our building and get our arms around it,” said Shrader.

Shrader commented that patients who have tested positive appear to be doing well, and morale at the facility has been good.

“We’ve had, in, in my opinion, two really good weeks. I mean, we’re starting to see the data come back in where our numbers are dropping. Our patients who are still positive are doing really well, and we have gotten everyone home now. There’s no one hospitalized, and I think that’s gone a long way in maintaining morale,” said Shrader.

Shrader was complimentary of the staff members at Sundale for their efforts to treat residents and contain the spread of coronavirus.

“Our family members and our staff, who just continue to do a tremendous job, and, and really, in my opinion, they, they’ve taught this country how to do this in a nursing home setting, so, extremely grateful to them,” said Shrader.

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