Trinity Christian School teacher talks about teaching during COVID-19


Morgantown, W.Va. – Teachers are using remote education techniques to deliver teaching materials to their students during this COVID-19 pandemic.  

Over the last few weeks classroom teachers have had to be quick to implement new teaching strategies into their curriculum. Some teachers said this mode of teaching has become the new normal but some problems creep up, especially in a virtual setting not knowing if the teacher has the student’s attention.  

“Probably the hardest part is not always being able to actually be face to face with the kids. Like if I am presenting something pulled up on my screen, I can’t see them even though we are in a video chat, and that lack of connection can be really hard,” said Beth Hudson, a Trinity School Teacher. 

Hudson stated she sometimes wonders if she is actually keeping the student attention or if they are focused on something else. She said she and most of her colleges had training on google classroom before the pandemic, which has helped. 

“Thankfully it’s all kind of integrated together, we use google classroom to get anything we need to get to the kids. We use their meet program to be able to do the actual in class time, we can record from there and I upload it to a drive that the kids can see in case they need to go back and look at something,” said Hudson. 

Most of the textbooks can be integrated into their virtual classrooms, teachers can push a button and the information is delivered to the students. Parents expressed their biggest issue is motivating their kids to stay on task.   

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