MONTREAL — A new study from says that Vitamin D does not improve a persons resistance to COVID-19, nor does it help the condition of those already infected.

People with high vitamin D levels are shown to be just as susceptible to the coronavirus. A technique called Mendelian Randomization was used on a sample size of 1.3 million people from across the world to account for various genetic factors.

“In the past, Mendelian randomization has consistently predicted results of large, expensive, and timely vitamin D trials,” the lead author of the study Dr. Guillaume Butler-Laporte said “Here, this method does not show clear evidence vitamin D supplementation would have a large effect on COVID-19 outcomes.”

Individuals with vitamin D deficiency were not included in the study, as such, supplements may be useful in treating those who truly lack it.

Dr. Butler-Laporte said “Vitamin D supplementation as a public health measure to improve outcomes is not supported by this study. Most importantly, our results suggest investment in other therapeutic or preventative avenues should be prioritized for COVID-19 randomized clinical trials.