CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Jim Justice touched on several different topics during his COVID-19 briefing, Monday.

Justice noted that active cases of COVID are below 2,000 for the first time since July 2021.

He continued to urge state residents to get vaccinated. Dr. Clay Marsh noted that the United States is 67th among world countries, in its level of vaccination.

The governor then moved on to address the situation in Ukraine, saying he felt “sadness beyond belief,” and that he was going to work to make sure the state’s portfolio did not have anything in it that deals with Russia.

Justice said he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin was invading Ukraine because he saw “weakness” from the U.S. Justice went on to describe President Biden as “super, super, super weak” and said that he is worried that the conflict will escalate.

The governor then spent more than 10 minutes threatening a lawsuit against the Charleston Gazette-Mail and its columnist Phil Kabler over columns that Kabler has written criticizing Justice.