CHARLESTON, W.Va. – During his 11 a.m. virtual COVID briefing, Gov. Jim Justice again urged West Virginians to get the COVID vaccine as a contribution, not to themselves, but to West Virginia.

The governor once again read the list of deaths by COVID since his last update and said we should grieve at the loss of wisdom that had died with those West Virginians.

He said he believes that the liberty and freedom of West Virginia is “absolutely rock solid,” and while he respects the decisions of those who choose not to vaccinate and believes they do not want to hurt others around them, the data, which he supplemented with information from the head doctor at Johns Hopkins, points to the need for masks and vaccines.

The goal for vaccination for West Virginia is 80% of the population. The current vaccination rate sits at just over 50%.

In order to have football games and school and what Justice called other “great, great things,” he said the vaccine is necessary to prevent West Virginia from being hurt further.

What else has Justice been saying?

During his last briefing, Gov. Justice said that he and his coronavirus experts believe that the state is “sitting at the peak” of the current surge. The governor also mentioned how hospitals in West Virginia are on the verge of being overrun due to the high numbers of COVID patients.