CHARLESTON, W.Va. – During Wednesday’s virtual COVID-19 briefing, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice reported that there are now more than 7,500 COVID-19 cases in the state and then said: “I don’t have any idea how in the world you could hear these numbers and not run to get vaccinated. You better move West Virginia and you better move right this second.”

The governor also warned that new studies are showing that people who’ve had COVID-19 are two and a half times more likely to get it again, than someone who’s vaccinated. “It’s a gamble that I just don’t see how you take,” Justice said.

Officials will announce a new vaccine incentive program, targeted toward younger people, on Friday, Justice said. “We’re going to give a bunch more stuff away,” Justice said, mentioning that Babydog would again be a part of the effort.

Gov. Justice went on to say that he stands “absolutely ready” and will move back to a statewide mask mandate, if he feels it is necessary. The governor supports parents who are sending their kids to school with masks, along with local officials who are instituting mask mandates, he said.

Justice also announced that President Biden has reauthorized federal funding for the West Virginia National Guard.