CHARLESTON, W.Va. – “You’ve got to absolutely hear me when I say: you need to be vaccinated so badly. Without any question, you need to have your booster shot,” West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said during Tuesday’s virtual COVID-19 briefing.

Ret. Maj. Gen. Jim Hoyer urged state resident to “continue to press your friends, your neighbors, your relatives,” to get vaccinated and boosted.

The state’s latest data shows that 312,000 West Virginians have gotten booster shots, Justice reposted.

“Who do you know that has taken a vaccination shot and has dropped over dead? Yet, who do you know who has gotten COVID and died?” Gov. Justice asked.

There are also currently 18 cases of the Omicron variant that have been identified in West Virginia, the governor said, before predicting that the number “will surely skyrocket before this is over.”

State health officials are working on testing events at schools, which will optional and free, they said. Schedules for the testing will be posted soon, officials said.

Health officials also mentioned the CDC’s modified quarantine guidelines.

Gov. Justice also took a few moments to mention the appointments he made to the state’s new Intermediate Court of Appeals, earlier on Tuesday.