CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Reading the 24 deaths since Friday, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice explained that he did not skip his regularly-scheduled COVID-19 briefing on Labor Day, because he did not want to have to come back on Wednesday and read an even longer long list of deaths.

“We’ve got a really big time situation in West Virginia. Rights or no rights, you need to really get vaccinated. You need to give to your neighbors, I know you’re loving, caring people. We’ve got to do this. Absolutely(vaccinations) could cut down these numbers is a big way. We can stop a lot of this terrible, terrible, terrible carnage,” Justice said. “We’ve got more bad days to come. There’s nothing else we have(other than vaccinations),” the governor continued.

Gov. Justice encouraged residents to wear masks in crowds, while state medical officer Dr. Ayne Amjad said “we do believe children should wear masks indoors.”

Those statements aside, Justice again stood by his decision to leave mask mandates to local officials, suggesting that if residents don’t like the decisions of local school boards, they should vote them out of office.