CHARLESTON, W.Va. – At the top of Thursday’s COVID-19 briefing, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice went over 26 coronavirus deaths, noting that 18 of them were reconciliations from April and May.

The governor explained that he flew to Morgantown, on Wednesday, for a news conference to announce DataRobot’s plans for a West Virginia office. When Justice landed, he learned that he had been exposed to COVID-19, while greeting doctors, last Friday. He was immediately tested and chose to join the news conference by Zoom, from the parking lot, as a safety precaution. Later in the day, the governor found out he was negative. “I’m 70 years old, I’m surely a little chunky. Without any question (being vaccinated) saved my life,” Justice said.

“It’s not over. Get vaccinated! I don’t care how hard-headed you are. We have got to get you vaccinated!” Justice said.

More than 60% of the state’s population have at least gotten their first shot, the governor announced.

Urging more West Virginians to get vaccinated, Justice reminded residents that the odds of the “Do it for Babydog” vaccine sweepstakes are much better than the traditional lottery. “Babydog is getting more popular than me,” Justice said.

The state has received 10,000 gift cards for the $100 incentive program for 16-35 year-olds who have been vaccinated, which will begin being sent out in the next few days, Justice said.

The governor announced that there are currently no inmates in the state’s jails and prisons who are positive for COVID-19.

Gov. Justice also touted a $330 million Roads to Prosperity bond sale, which resulted in a $90 million premium.

Justice encouraged everyone to “get out and go fishing” as a part of Free Fishing Weekend June 12-13.