CLEVELAND, Ohio – The time for gift giving is close by and children across the country are waiting to receive the latest toys. However, not all toys are suitable for all children.

“If you’re thinking about toys that might shoot objects into the air, just being very aware that they can cause bodily injury. They can cause eye injury, especially,” Roopa Thakur, MD, a pediatrician with Cleveland Clinic Children’s, said. “So, if you have kids that are running around and shooting things at each other, make sure that there is good supervision.”

According to Dr. Thakur, parents should be on the lookout for toys and toy pieces that a child might swallow. These things can be a choking hazard or may cause other issues that require emergency surgery.

As for ridable toys like bikes, rollerblades and scooters, they should always come with the appropriate safety gear.  

“Consider giving a helmet,” said Dr. Thakur. “If you are gifting a hover scooter or something similar, knee and elbow pads would be great to gift, as well, to prevent injury in the case of a fall.” 

When in doubt, check out the manufacturer’s guidelines and make sure that the toy hasn’t been recalled or banned.