CLEVELAND, Ohio – There are a number of things to go over when planning a trip abroad, but one often overlooked step in the process is vaccines.

“I always tell my patients if you’re about to travel somewhere, definitely make sure you know what’s required and recommended of you,” said Kruti Yagnik, DO, an infectious disease specialist with Cleveland Clinic Florida.

New vistas comes with exposure to unfamiliar diseases, diseases that can be prevented with the recommended vaccines, depending on your age, overall health and vaccine history.

Dr. Yagnik recommends talking with your healthcare provider or a travel health specialist when planning your vacations. People can find which vaccines are recommended for each destination in the traveler’s health section of the CDC’s website.

“I would definitely plan ahead. I would start looking into this at least four to six months before because some vaccines may require more than one dose. So just because you get vaccinated today, doesn’t mean you’re protected tomorrow. It takes your body some time to gain that immunity,” Dr. Yagnik said.

It’s worth noting that vaccines can take about two weeks after the fact before the body can build its immunity.