CLEVELAND, Ohio – A medical expert with Cleveland Clinic is stressing the importance of getting your immunizations while you are young.

Kimberly Giuliano, MD, pediatrician with Cleveland Clinic Children’s, said the pandemic is only partially to blame for the decline in vaccinations.

“The other challenge that we’re starting to see is growing misinformation about vaccines, and people’s hesitancy and concerns about the vaccines,” said Dr. Giuliano. “And some of the vaccine-concerned groups getting their message out more loudly and more clearly; that’s causing some parents to take a pause.”

Dr. Giuliano gave her assurance that all childhood immunizations are safe and proven, stressing the risks of not vaccinating your child. One potential threat is the resurgence of diseases like the measles and mumps. Dr. Giuliano said to be careful from where you get your information and only trust reliable medical resources.

“We know what these vaccines do, we know that they save lives, and we know the risk of a child having a serious complication from a vaccine is almost non-existent,” said Dr. Giuliano. “We see common side effects like fussiness, fever, irritability and those go away, but the impacts of some of these diseases don’t go away.”

An unvaccinated child, Dr. Giuliano noted, could also spread a sickness to others, which is especially dangerous for someone who is immunocompromised.