MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The old adage is an apple a day keeps the doctor away. On Thursday, Vandalia Health Network’s Popup FARMacy event was providing people with fruits and vegetables to help them improve their nutrition and overall health.

“We get produce from a local farmer and are able to distribute it to local patients that are coming to the clinic,” Population Health Manager Pamela George said.

While people walked away with a healthy item to add to their refrigerator, officials at the event were also educating people about nutrition and eating properly.

FARMacy fruits and vegetables (WBOY - Image)
FARMacy fruits and vegetables (WBOY – Image)

Officials said that food can be just like medicine.

“Being able to get the proper nutrition really helps to maintain [health] if you have diabetes or hypertension,” Pamela George said.

Funding provided by Unicare supports events like these at no cost and also supports a 15-week program that offers cooking classes, health education classes and more.