Foodborne illnesses prevalent during summer months


Summertime often means cooking out and joining friends and family for staples like hamburgers and hot dogs.

The Harrison Clarksburg Health Department is urging people to be aware of foodborne illnesses associated with foods being left out too long.  Foods are only to be left out for four hours, and the longer food is out, the more bacteria that can grow.

“Not keeping the food cold or hot would leave it in that zone way too long to multiply the bacteria, so the bacteria content would be enough to make you sick when you ingest the food,” said Steve Hinerman, sanitarian supervisor at the Harrison Clarksburg Health Department.

Hinerman said oftentimes people cook hamburgers by visually judging the color of the meat.  He said all hamburgers need to be tested using a meat thermometer, with a temperature of at least 155 degrees. 

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