CLEVELAND, Ohio – Research by Cleveland Clinic has discovered a possible genetic link in children who have been infected by COVID-19 that develop multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C).

“The exciting thing about this study is it’s really the first indication of a genetic cause for MIS-C and that opens doors,” said Robert Silverman, PhD, researcher for Cleveland Clinic. “It gives rise to mechanistic studies, so how these mutations result in MIS-C and can that be used in the future. For instance, in better diagnostics.”

According to Cleveland Clinic, “MIS-C is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition which can impact different parts of the body, like the heart, lungs and brain.”

Dr. Silverman has been part of the MIS-C research team.

To achieve their findings, the research team checked the DNA of children who had COVID-19 and MIS-C, “along with children who only had COVID-19.” Through this, they found a potential underlying genetic cause in some cases.

“Another possible advantage to the study is it could lead to breakthroughs or discoveries about other chronic viral infections and inflammation in particular,” Dr. Silverman said.