CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — On Thursday afternoon, Governor Justice stopped by Highland-Clarksburg Hospital to sign off on grant funding which will provide the facility with over $5 million to open an acute psychiatric unit.

This unit will specialize in the treatment of voluntarily admitted adult patients dealing with emotional, behavioral, and cognitive issues. As a result, this expands the hospital’s capacity to help treat patients more efficiently and keep them closer to their loved ones.

“It’ll keep them close to home, rather than having to go to facilities long and far and wide from the region, and they’ll be able to stay right here with the excellent staff that’s gonna take great care of them,” said David Goldberg, president and CEO of Mon Health System.

Highland-Clarksburg also recently received close to $400,000 in funding from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to open an acute adolescent psychiatric unit. This unit made its debut at the hospital last month and specifically treats patients between the ages of 12 and 17.

“We have more than 300 children or so from the state who have to leave for pediatric or adolescent behavioral health. Now we have that, along with adult voluntary, it’s a huge win for the state,” Goldberg said.

This unit, combined with the new adult unit to come, will open up about 100 new positions at the hospital, which will expand the number of job opportunities in Harrison County and surrounding areas.

David Ramsey, the president and CEO of Vandalia Health said that there’s a great need in the community and the state for mental health services. Ramsey said that the hospital “gets by on a shoestring,” and doesn’t have the funds to expand services themselves. “So for Highland-Clarksburg to take care of more patients, this money is vitally important.”

“A lot of patients that need mental health services end up waiting hours in emergency rooms across the state. And to have even a few beds open, to help open at least 20 beds here, well those are 20 more people that won’t have to wait for the appropriate care in an emergency room someplace,” Ramsey added.

You can learn more about the hospital by visiting its website.