MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU Injury Control Research Center is looking for volunteers to participate in a study.  

The Appalachian Mind Health Initiative, AMHI, is a research study to see if electronic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, eCBT, a type of online therapy, is a good treatment option for people living with depression in rural communities.  

The organization is looking for people in West Virginia or Kentucky with a diagnosis of depression and just beginning treatment, to participate. Participants will have to complete 10 study assessments in 12 months. After the baseline survey, participants will be randomly assigned a group, treatment as usual, unguided eCBT, or guided eCBT. Participants will get up to $290 upon completion.  

AMHI hopes to address the mismatch between treatment availability and treatment preferences in rural communities by offering eCBT and analyzing the differences between treatment effects.  

“Our hope is by getting enough people to participate in the study we’ll be able to better understand who this sort of therapy is a good option for and who might be a better candidate for a more in person more traditional form of care,” Robert Bossarte, associate professor of behavior medicine and psychiatry, said. “Our goal is to work directly with clinicians to be able to raise awareness as this as a treatment option, but also to develop some very short and easy forms of assessments that will let the clinician know when this particular option is good for one of their patients.” 

Researchers are looking for 3,300 people to join the study. To find out if you’re eligible visit here or call the AMHI Study Number at 1-866-984-AMHI (2644).