FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — As you decorate for the holidays, veterinarians are warning about some plants that might be toxic to your pets.  

Dr. Scott Moore of the Fairmont Veterinary Hospital said peace lilies are by far the worst plant for your pet to get a hold of. If a cat or dog eats a part of a peace lily plant, the result can be fatal.  

Another plant that is popular around the holidays that can be dangerous for pets is poinsettias. 

These plants aren’t toxic but can cause a lot of mouth irritation if a pet chews on them.  

“If you’re not sure what you have, there’s actually apps that you can snap a picture of the plant and it will tell you exactly what it is and then there are resources like through the ASPCA that you can look up to see if that specific plant is toxic,” Dr. Scott said.  

Those resources can be found here.

Dr. Scott said you can allow your pets to rub against real Christmas trees. However, if pets try to chew on real or fake Christmas trees, owners should stop them. 

(Photos from Christopher Hollis and Carlos Valenzuela on Wikimedia Commons)