Strollin’ Colon exhibit opens at UHC


United Hospital Center has been working to educate the public during colon cancer awareness month. The hospital has opened a special 12 foot inflatable colon exhibit. 

The exhibit shows what a healthy colon looks like as well as also what it looks like when cancer is present. 

Medical professionals said that there are other ways to check for colon cancer but that the colonoscopy is the most effective way. 

“The gold standard is colonoscopy and that is what we encourage and what I  tell my patients is that if you get screened and you are completely fine then you don’t even have to do it again for another ten years. That is a decade and you can’t get any better than that, right? And if they do find something then you absolutely needed the screening,” said Anna-Marie Houtrouw, nurse practitioner. 

The exhibit will be open March 8-9 in front of UHC’s gift shop.

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