FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Brittney Thomas devoted her life to helping others. As a young adult, she cared for her grandmother who had fallen ill. That led her to a career in healthcare, working as a respiratory therapist at JW Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown. Even after her unexpected death, she was still able to impact others.

Thomas was registered as an organ donor. When she passed away, her organs were recovered to be given other people. Those organs would go on to save three lives. As someone in the healthcare profession, it was no surprise to her mother, Sandra Trickett, that the last thing that Thomas was able to do was to help save the lives of other people.

“That’s what she wanted,” said Trickett. “That was Brittney. She loved the idea of helping anyone that needed it.”

Trickett said that she herself is an organ donor, and she encouraged everyone to designate themselves as donors, as well. To register online, click here. Another way to register as an organ donor is to click the status at the DMV.

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