How women sleep vs. men after 10 years of data


CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – In honor of its 10th anniversary, Sleep Cycle released its third Sleep Cycle Institute report.

According to Sleep Cycle, women get about 20 minutes more sleep than men and enjoy a higher quality of sleep in every phase of life.

Despite the extra rest, the report explains that women wake up with more stress than men.

Unlike women, men will gain better sleep schedules as they get older.

Sleep Cycle has analyzed 10 years of sleep data – 302 million nights from more than 4.3 million Sleep Cycle users in the U.S. and abroad.

The report analyzes how our sleep patterns have shifted in the last five years and how individual sleep patterns change as people move through different phases of life.

We’re Sleeping More and Better — But We’re Waking Up Grumpier

Adults worldwide have been gaining about a minute of extra sleep each year, and their quality of sleep has improved. However, this hasn’t helped adults wake up in better moods.

Average time spent in bed:7hrs 13mins 7hrs 17mins
Average sleep quality: 72.6% 74.7%
Average wake-up mood:60.2%59%

About Sleep Cycle:

Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock app that records users’ sleep patterns and wakes them during their lightest sleep phase so they feel rested and refreshed.

The app keeps track of nightly sleep reports, long-term sleep trends and logs how daily activities impact sleep quality.

For more information about the app –– and to learn how they track sleep patterns around the world –– visit

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