WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. – The Steel Curtain roller coaster at Kennywood carried its first riders at the Kickoff event Friday.

National contest winners, who participated in the 412 contest—a nationwide online puzzle based on the statistics of the ride, were the first to ride the two-minute record breaking roller coaster.

This new roller coaster breaks three records. It’s the tallest coaster in Pennsylvania with a height of 220 ft. There are a total of nine inversions–– the most inversions in America. This also includes the highest inversion in the world at 197 ft.

This ride is the first in a new portion of the park called, “Steelers Country.”

The new Steelers theme is expected to give fans the idea of the real stadium experience. It will include exclusive merchandise, food and themed tailgating.

The Steel Curtain will be open to the public Saturday, July 13. For more information on tickets and park info, visit the Kennywood website.