Jackson’s Mill, W.Va. – Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital hosted its 3rd annual Gobble Gallop at Jackson’s Mill on Nov. 25.

Twenty-three people showed up at 9 a.m. to run a 5k before their Thanksgiving dinners.

Eight medals were given out for the runners who finished first. First, second and third place in both the men’s and women’s sections were awarded. The first man and woman Mon Health employee to cross the finish line received their own medal.

A father-daughter duo ran the race together, and they both got medals.

“Well I wanted to come out and do this because we’ve ran a mile before, but I’ve never run a 5k in a race before so I wanted to try it,” said Audrey Corrigan, 2nd place female.

“We really enjoy running and doing outdoor activities together so we thought this would be a really fun thing for us to do together today, and now, we can eat anything we want at thanksgiving,” said Vincent Corrigan, 1st place male.

Bottled water, bananas, and apples were provided for the participants.

Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital plans to host a 5k once a month to encourage physical health in the community.

There will be a Cookies and Cocoa Run on Dec. 11, a Snowball Run on Jan. 8, and the Groundhog Run on Feb. 5 at 230 Hospital Plaza in Weston.