JACKSON’S MILL, W.Va. – The 83rd Governor of the American Legion Mountaineer Boys State (ALMBS) has been elected.

Will Behrens was elected on Tuesday evening to be the Governor of the 2022 cohort at Mountaineer Boys State.

The 83rd Mountaineer Boys State Governor Will Behrens is from Bridgeport, and an upcoming senior at Notre Dame High School in Clarksburg. (WBOY Image)

Behrens, a resident of Bridgeport and an incoming senior at Notre Dame High School in Clarksburg, said he was hoping to run for Supreme Court, but decided it was ‘go big or go home’.

“So, I started campaigning for governor, and day one, I was thinking, ‘I’m not winning this.’ There is about 16 people, eight of which who are in my party who are also running for governor,” said Behrens. “I feel really good. I’ll admit, it’s a little weird because now people are treating me like a governor, and I still feel like a 17-year-old.”

Behrens was ‘inaugurated’ at WVU Jackson’s Mill, where the camp is being held.

He will also visit the West Virginia State Capitol on Thursday, along with other Boys State citizens who were elected to state roles.

Behrens is hoping to address roads, among other things, during his time at the 83rd annual Mountaineer Boys State and the West Virginia State Legislature.