ROANOKE, W.Va. (WBOY) – Stonewall Resort, one of West Virginia’s top wedding destinations, is making sure that it stays on trend with all things bridal.

Sunday, the resort hosted a Bridal Open House where brides-to-be had the opportunity to indulge in the sights, sounds and flavors that make Stonewall Resort a dream wedding venue. During this event, brides had the opportunity to see the resort’s reception venues fully decorated as if it was prepared for their own special day.

“There’s so much into weddings, and for a bride to come here and just kind of take a look around what’s being out there from photography to music, to picking out your perfect dress, even thing out your wedding cake it’s a really simple way to just pull together that perfect day. And even being here and being able to see all that come together it’s giving me ideas, like okay, like I know what I wanna do. So, I just think it’s, it’s perfect,” said Mia Yeager, a Sales Associate at Bonnie Belle’s Pastries.

Also, Yeager added that Bonnie Belle’s takes great pride in talking to brides and their families about their weddings and celebrations, including custom cake designs and favors that they want to showcase on their special day.

“I definitely see that there’s a shift with the wedding industry from viewing with these big lavish wedding cakes to more simple like two or three-tier cakes and then even doing like a full sheet, doing some petit four, some cupcakes just cause it’s easier and it’s less stress on the bride and groom than having those two tier cakes. It makes it more enjoyable for a wedding guest to grab a cupcake or grab a petit four and especially at Bonnie Belle’s we have a wide variety of flavors you can choose from and that just makes it more exciting for guests,” Yeager said.

Also, Stonewall Resort showcased a full array of their wedding hors d’oeuvres ready for tasting as well as an opportunity to meet with their preferred wedding planners to answer any questions they may have.