WESTON, W.Va. – A world-renown historical preservation expert has come to West Virginia to teach the art of masonry restoration.

About Your House star, Bob Yapp is in Lewis County this week providing a five-day, hands-on workshop about masonry preservation. The Preservation Alliance of West Virginia, The Weston Historic Landmarks Commission and the State Historic Preservation Office invited Yapp to Weston where about 10 students are learning how to properly repair and rehabilitate historic masonry.

Masonry is stone and brickwork created by freemasons.

The workshop is using an old brick house built around 1860 where students are learning how to safely remove failed mortar without damaging the bricks and replace them with the same mix used over a century ago.

The house being used for the workshop (WBOY image)

“I think a lot of people think that historic preservation is somehow very expensive and that’s a big lie in America today, and it’s not true. So if you take a look at what it costs to rehab a house, it’s generally under a $100 a square foot, and you can’t build anything for $100 a square foot. So it’s the greatest job-creating endeavor in smalltown America that you can possibly have, especially in a place like Weston.”

The students took a walking tour of Weston earlier this week to inspect several historic buildings that will soon need restoration.

For more information on how you can become an expert in historical preservation, check out Yapp’s website or the Preservation of West Virginia website.