WESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — West Virginia American Water has awarded $19,788 to fire departments and first responder agencies across the state.

Out of the 21 agencies, two fire departments in Lewis County received funding. Jackson’s Mill Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $810 to buy breakaway safety vests. Weston’s Volunteer Fire Department was given $1,000 to buy a telescoping power pole saw and fire hooks.

“Most volunteer fire departments operate solely on donations and very little tax revenue, so even with our tax revenue and expenses with fuel costs, cost of equipment these days, what we do generate from tax revenue, our expenses exceeds that revenue, so these grants help us, along with other fire departments to obtain equipment that we need without out of pocket expenses,” said Weston Volunteer Fire Department President Chuck Clem.

Clem said that his department and other first responder agencies are thankful for the grant funding, and that this is not the first time they have been awarded funds from West Virginia American Water.

Awards by county:

Lewis County

  • Jackson’s Mill Volunteer Fire Department ($810) to purchase Breakaway Traffic Safety Vests
  • Weston Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase 2-Stroke Cycle Telescoping Power Pole Saw and fire hooks

Webster County

  • Hacker Valley Volunteer Fire Department ($586) to purchase a pressure reducing valve
  • Webster Springs Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase pressure reducing valves

Boone County

  • Madison Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase roof hooks and a tool combo kit
  • Racine Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase firefighting helmets
  • Whitesville Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to fund “Stop the Bleed” training for trauma incidents

Cabell County

  • Barboursville Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase Hex Armour Gloves
  • Huntington Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase cordless drills
  • Ohio River Road Volunteer Fire Department ($993) to purchase helmets, personal floatation devices and a confined space tripod

Fayette County

  • Oak Hill Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase helmet mounted Streamlights

Kanawha County

  • Chesapeake Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase computers and printers
  • Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department ($795) to purchase NRS Rapid Rescuer Personal Floatation Devices
  • Institute Volunteer Fire Department ($962) to purchase throw bags for boat, personal floatation devices for adults, personal flotation devices for children and cargo net for recovery on swift water rescue boat
  • Nitro Fire Department ($900)to purchase rescue rope pieces
  • Pinch Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase NovaCool foam to diffuse flames at accidents
  • South Charleston Fire Department ($806) to purchase ARM-LOC Water/Ice/Active Shooter Rescue Devices

Logan County

  • Lake Volunteer Fire Department ($1,000) to purchase a ground monitor

Mercer County

  • Bluefield Fire Department ($947) to purchase leaf blowers and a tool combo set
  • Oakvale Volunteer Fire Department ($989) to purchase a folding frame portable dump tank


  • West Virginia Military Authority ($1,000) to purchase gloves and helmets for forest firefighting missions