JANE LEW, W.Va. – On Saturday, the Jane Lew Fireman’s Annual Arts and Crafts Festival began to raise money for the Jane Lew Fire Department.

Located in the heart of West Virginia, the Jane Lew Fireman’s Festival showed-off homemade crafts and food items from local small businesses that are available for purchase.

This event helps the Jane Lew Fire Department raise money for life saving equipment.

“This is the arts and crafts show that we have annually and it’s for the fire department, so we can raise money to buy equipment, gear, stuff that we need to protect our community,” said Brian Queen, Jane Lew Fire Department Engineer. “Support us all you can, because eventually, and hopefully, you never need us, but when you do, we’ll be there.”

Over 200 arts and crafts vendors setup for this event and sold handmade items from the local community.

The Jane Lew Fireman’s Arts and Crafts Festival will continue through Sunday until 5 p.m. at the Jane Lew Fire Station.

To find out more information about this event, check out the Jane Lew Fire Department Facebook page here.