LEWIS COUNTY, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Lewis County Fair’s carnival has been canceled this year due to a staff shortage. Fair members are working to fill the grounds and schedule additional activities. The fair will still be on Sept. 22, 23 and 24 at WVU Jackson’s Mill Air Strip.

Officials said they never thought about cancelling the fair because the carnival fell through. While they did try to hire a different company for the carnival, they were unable to find a replacement.

“We understand many people will be upset over not having a carnival, but the overall economical impact of just canceling the event is not one we would like to see our area have,” said Jessica Luzader, Lewis County Fair official.

The Lewis County fair will go on with help from other local businesses. Cartoon Headquarters and Inflatable Zone will provide different bounce houses for children. Luzader said even though they will not have carnival rides, they are still providing some type of fun for everyone.

“A carnival is just a small portion of what we have at our fair. We have taken ideas from past years and tried to bring what we could to life. We will have a lot of motorsport races this year starting off on Thursday night with our UTV Barrel Racing, Friday night with our Demolition Derby, put on by Thomas Motor Sports, and end it Saturday with a car show, side-by-side truck racing, mud bog and burn out contest,” said Luzader.

Starting on Friday night, there is a lineup of West Virginia singers with Nashtown recording artist Morgan White. They will feature Michael Bonnett and Rivers Edge from Elkins, and closing the fair out will be The Sodapopgypsie Band. On Saturday, there will be a variety of contests, from a ‘Mullet Contest’ to ‘Pretty Baby’. On Saturday, there will be three shows from the Dino Roar Tour from Ohio with live interactive dinosaurs.

Admission at the gate is $5 for Thursday, and $10 for Friday and Saturday. Children ages 2 and under are free.