WESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Lewis County elementary students got a summertime lesson Tuesday morning about a common insect that many people are afraid of.

A local beekeeper brought in an observation hive to the Lewis Bennet Public Library in Weston. Kids learned all about honeybees and what it takes to be a beekeeper.

Beekeeper Christy Turner said it’s important to teach children not to swat at bees because they are friendly insects until their life, or hive is threatened.

“My goal is to educate as much as we can,” Turner said. “As with any trade that is out there, if we don’t educate the younger generation you can lose that knowledge of it and I would love to see some youth programs for beekeeping in our local area for them to learn what bees can do for us.”

Turner said beekeeping is becoming more and more popular in West Virginia for many reasons including pollination of flowers and of course, the tasty, sweet honey they produce.