WESTON, W.Va. – A local farmer is trying to raise funds to help make donations to the Weston food pantry.

Rick Thayer has been working with West Virginia Food and Farm to get donations to build a larger coop at his Walkersville home for his chickens, as well as, adding more than 30 additional chickens.

Thayer’s plan is to then use those chickens to provide 90 to 100 dozen eggs each month to donate to the food pantry, which will then be given to families in need of food. Thayer said that he is thankful for all the support he has seen so far in the few days his GoFundMe campaign has been up.

“Also there’s people donating building supplies, materials, feed, plus the money and people volunteering to help. We have two engineers and one architect actually drawing this all up,” said Thayer, who has an architect from Nashville working on the design for his new chicken coop.

Anyone interested in donating to this campaign can do it through the Egg-Cellent Donation GoFundMe page here.