WESTON, W.Va. – The building on the end of First Avenue in Weston has been sitting empty for some time, although many people remember it as a car dealership as far back as the ’60s and ’70s. However, when two Weston couples got a chance to look inside, they saw an opportunity for the city.

“We knew we had to do something with this building. We didn’t know what, but we had to do something, and we just started meeting, the four of us, in collaborations, and what can we do and out of that, we were able to get the two other, well, it was three other pieces of property, and everything just fell into place, like, serendipitous,” said Ashley Montgomery, one of the four owners of the building.

Once it’s remodeled and repaired, the Weston Town Hub will include things like a small grocery store, local restaurants, and retailers and a taproom, as well as outdoor space for city residents to enjoy.

Montgomery said those are the businesses that are needed to make a difference in Weston, not larger retailers.

“They don’t invest in your town because it affects their bottom line. They can’t. They have to answer to stakeholders. All of us locals can do this. We can be in charge, tell our story of our town, by having these little small wins,” said Montgomery.

Like many other things, the COVID pandemic slowed work down on the Hub, but it’s also served to draw attention to just how important having a place like that can be.

“What’s important in life? Being together. That is what everybody’s craving right now, just to be somewhere together, safely of course, but to be together. So that’s what the important thing is for here,” Montgomery said.