WESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Robert L. Bland Middle School students got quite the surprise Friday during what they thought was a practice emergency evacuation drill. Students were led to the football field, where to their surprise their seventh-grade science teacher, Mrs. Michele Benson was on an airplane circling overtop the school.

As a Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Member, Mrs. Benson had access to “Top Flight,” which is a program that lets teachers fly over their home schools. So, Benson and Principal Julie Radcliff decided to surprise their students, while encouraging them to take an interest in technical education.

“It is to let kids understand that not everyone is going to go to college. There are a million different ways to be successful in your life and one of those ways is through technical education and career and technical two-year programs and that people who are in those programs create this. It doesn’t always have to be a four-year college education to do that, and we want our kids to know that,” said Radcliff.

Students were encouraged to wear red, white and blue and were sorted into their colors on the football field to show their Patriot pride as Mrs. Benson flew over the football field.