WESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Hearsemania was held on the grounds of the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Saturday where organizers said they were going to attempt to break a world record.

The world record they were attempting to break was for the largest funeral gathering. To break the record, they hosted a funeral for their fake former friend, “Lucky Stiff,” attempting to get as many people as possible to attend and be documented at the service.

Hearsemania also hosted a live DJ, food trucks, artists, craft vendors, an aces and eights 50/50 drawing as well as a “Casket basket” raffle.

“Lucky is kind of our mascot, thought it was kind of a cool thing, one of our ideas we thought up and we put them on a T-shirt. We’ve used them for a while, and I think he’s running his course. So, we’re gonna, we’re gonna have a visitation and lay Mr. Lucky out tonight and try and get one last good use out of him,” John Ehmer, the coordinator of Hearsemania, said. “The weather has held our crowds down a little bit today so we’re, we’re shooting for the stars hoping to get 1000 plus people through here to view lucky, document it, it has to be well documented, and set a new record with that so we were excited about it.”

Ehmer said that the Hearsemania Show at the lunatic asylum is a great location for them because of the history of the grounds, adding that four independent hearse groups came together to form Saturday’s Hearsemania event. He also expressed an interest in attempting the record for the longest funeral procession.

“OK, we don’t have the cars right now. Of course, today was a bad day because of the weather for our turn-out, but that parade we’re having tonight is a little over a mile which to set that world record you have to travel at least one mile in the procession record. So, we’ve established the one-mile course tonight, we’re gonna give it a shout-out here and try it, and if we continue with it when we get the numbers grown, we can try that, attempt that for a record also,” Ehmer said.

You can learn more about the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on its website.