ROANOKE, W.Va. — Murder and Merriment held a “Murder Mystery Weekend” on Sept. 10 and 11 at Stonewall Resort.

The murder mystery was titled “Marriage, Mob and Murder,” which is about two competing mob families who hate and want to kill each other. The daughter from one mob is marrying a guy from the other mob. However, on the day of the wedding, the groom was nowhere to be found. On the way to the wedding, he was found on the causeway by the toll booth, killed and riddled with bullets in his car.

It took place in three different parts. The first act, which was the wedding, began at 5 p.m. on Sept. 10. Participants watched as the bride got ready and saw everyone else trying to find the groom. Once he was found, the guests knew which murder finally needed solved.

After the first act, guests went to Lightburn’s Restaurant in the resort, as if they were actually attending a wedding reception. Receiving lines were set up after dinner, for everyone to pay their respects to the bride and family. At the end of Act two, another member of the plot was found dead. So not only was one murder needing solved, but two! This ending the first night of the Murder Mystery Weekend.

On Sunday, participants had breakfast at 9 a.m. and it led into all suspects being interrogated by the detective shortly after. To end the last day of the weekend, guests got to guess who murdered both people.

“Why are you filming me??” asked an actor who was being interrogated. (WBOY Image)

While 12 News was at the interrogation, our reporter, Makayla Schindler, got to play a quick part as the detective security camera. One of the actors came up to the camera and looked into it asking why they were being filmed.

The winner who guesses both murderers usually gets a gift that is provided by the clients that host the parties. So the Stonewall Resort could offer a free bottle of wine, dinner for two, a free night of stay, or whatever they choose.

George R. Snider III, Murder and Merriment owner and creator, feels as if these types of events are important for communities all over the country. He said, “people like to be entertained. We have enough issues going on in our world, whether it’s politics, whether it’s your work, whether it’s your home environment, whether it’s a relationship having, you know, struggles.. Or people want to celebrate a great relationship, or-or and anniversary or birthday party and they’re looking for something fun to do, something different. And murder mystery’s’ are a fantastic way to do that.”

This murder mystery is just one of fifty-nine other plots that Murder and Merriment has. The business is in the midst of their twelfth season, and were beyond excited to spend some time of it at Stonewall Resort. They started up in West Virginia, but they do performances in Kentucky, Ohio, and parts of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Indiana. The group recently had a performance in St. Louis, Missouri.

Snider believes that the success of a small business owner comes from finding something different and unique. He was approached 12 years ago to put some type of entertainment together for the citizens of Huntington, West Virginia. While trying to come up with an idea, he thought back to the game “How to Host a Murder.” From playing a number of games like this with his friends, he thought that maybe he could write the kind of plots like in the game. Once he brought the idea up, the business took off. Snider mentioned that this has been the biggest and best year they have had.

As of Sept. 11, the group has over eighty more performances to do, in which, they can be found here. Most of the events are by reservation only, but you can also choose to book a party as well.