CLARKSBURG, W.Va.- The Louis A. Johnson VA’s Women’s Health Clinic opened its doors to get the word out Wednesday with an open house at the clinic on the main VA campus in Clarksburg.

The VA offers full-service primary care and mental health care for women, as well as gynecological inpatient and outpatient services.

“We want veterans to feel that they can come here and feel like they are in a safe place,”  said Debbie Goldizen, VA Women’s Program Manager.

 The VA covers all the bases in women’s health, treated by women themselves, covering mental health, post-traumatic stress, menopause, pregnancy, gynecological and other issues.

“We have a maternity program. We follow the veterans throughout their pregnancy and at the end of the pregnancy we have donations of maternity bags. The bags are full of little baby clothing, baby wipes, bottles, and the veterans really enjoy of getting them.”

For more information about the Women’s Health Clinic, call 304-623-3461, ext. 3066.