FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — Taylor County may have found a solution for its complications with transportation throughout the region.

Back in July, 12 News covered Taylor County’s rising issues regarding accessible and affordable transportation for residents throughout the region. Around this time, the Taylor County Commission reached out to George Levinsky and the Fairmont-Marion Transit Authority for assistance.

Fortunately, the Fairmont-Marion Transit Authority adhered to the request and plans to initiate the process on Monday, Oct. 2.

“They’re our neighboring county and we go out to White Hall. From White Hall, it’s not really all that far from Grafton. We’ve tried through the years, there’s some places out there that we would go to that didn’t have real good ridership, but now, since they’ve lost the service that they have, we think that it’ll take off,” said Levinsky in an interview with 12 News.

The Fairmont-Marion Transit Authority plans to utilize Taylor County’s senior center as a bus stop with rides based on the need. A number of items are still circumstantial in regard to planning the additional bus route as the number of those in need may vary as the service starts.

Levinsky said that he hopes to model Country Roads Transit operation in Elkins with the Taylor County route. There is no predicted end date for Fairmont-Marion Transit’s assistance in Taylor County, though he hopes that this process will help Taylor County develop its own transportation system.

Fairmont-Marion Transit Authority asks that those in need of transportation in Taylor County call the specifically tailored phone number at 304-612-6627.