COALTON, W.Va. – Governor Jim Justice visited the Town of Coalton, Tuesday, to present officials with a $3,325,000 Abandoned Mine Land grant.

This grant will give the people of Coalton a new water treatment facility and distribution lines. They will also be developing a second well to have two sources of “good potable water.”

The project will also provide clean water to Coalton Elementary School. Without the project, the town was facing the possibility of having the school shut down due to the potential lack of a reliable source of drinking water, officials said.

The town’s current water system is 53 years old and has had a lot of repairs done to it, according to Mayor Jim Rossi.

“We’ve been trying to provide a good affordable water system,” said Mayor Rossi.

Residents of Coalton said they were honored to have Governor Justice visit their town and award them with such a “huge gift.”

“This is monumental, and it is going to change the lives of so many different people in a good positive way,” stated Mayor Rossi.

“This is an incredible achievement for this great community,” explained Governor Justice. “This has been in the works for a good while. A lot of people have put in a lot of lengths and everything, but when it came to my attention and I could do it through the AML grant we did it.”

Mayor Rossi said he is looking to have everything completed within two to two and a half years.

You can watch the full ceremony below: