MONONGAH, W.Va. – A local group of girls has started their own initiative in giving back to the community. Children in Monongah came together to make bags for kids whose parents receive food from the Givers Hand Community Food Pantry in Monongah.

The volunteers, who are calling themselves the “Mini Givers,” stated they wanted to give something back to their fellow peers.

“We begin to start packing things for kids using the resources from here and seeing what we would have for the kids to pack,” said Mini Giver, Briella Sphon.

The children said they came up with the idea because they saw that only the parents were receiving items and not the children. Seven-year-old Rose Goblinger said she used her money from the tooth fairy to donate because it felt right. She said she asked her mom if she could donate to a charity or a store.

The children will have a table set up with bags premade and will take them to children if they see them in the car. The “Mini Givers” plan to hand out their set of goody bags on Sunday.

To learn more about the Givers Hand Community Food Pantry, head over to its Facebook page.